The Best Universities in the World: A Ranking of the Top 10


The Best Universities in the World: A Ranking of the Top 10 University details share in this article So read this article

List of the 10 best universities

1 University of Cambridge 2 Stanford University 3 Massachusetts Institute of Technology 4 Columbia University 5 Princeton University 6 University of California, Berkeley 7 University of California, Los Angeles 8 University of Oxford 9 Imperial College London 10 University of Pennsylvania Global average score: 3.87 out of 5 Global average score (domestic): 3.84 1. University of Cambridge Cambridge University offers a full range of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes across subjects such as science, medicine and law. Cambridge is consistently ranked as one of the world’s top universities, and is also a member of the exclusive Russell Group of leading research-led universities.

Ranking of the top 10 universities

The list below is based on the most comprehensive and authoritative ranking of the top universities in the world. The rankings provide detailed information on over 1.3 million students, the number of active researchers, and teaching staff as well as on alumni and the quality of research (including papers in leading journals). The ranking also takes into account the performance of individual universities over time, the investment level and number of Nobel Laureates affiliated with a university. A unique feature of this ranking is that the methodology allows each of the 7,500 institutions to be compared to its peers, providing a more detailed picture of each institution than is possible with similar lists.

Why is it important to go to a university?

There are a number of reasons why you should go to university.

1. It will help you get a well paid job Go to university and learn how to interact with the most knowledgeable people in your field.

2. You will be around intelligent people and you will be able to network Exchange ideas with the most knowledgeable people in your field and start a network.

3. You will have amazing mentors Find an inspirational professor or professor’s assistant who is willing to help you with your work.

4. You will get a competitive edge You will be surrounded by the smartest and most successful people in the world.

5. You will become a well rounded individual You will learn how to problem solve, to write an essay, to work out a strategy, etc.

Comparison of the different types of universities

Principal characteristics The Carnegie Classification of Institutions of Higher Education (2017) ranks the best universities according to six types of institution. 1. College-level and graduate 2. Institution of medical research and graduate education 3. College-level and graduate 4. College 5. Graduate school and research institution 6. University The most important characteristics of each type of university University educational programs, standards of academic rigor, and degree categories are outlined below: 1.


  1. We decided to create this list of the best universities in the world after reading The Guardian’s write up on the phenomenon of colleges and universities throughout the world. Many of the Top 10 universities have managed to stand out for an impressive combination of high-quality education and internships, work-study programs, publication record, social responsibility and high admission rates. A prestigious college can also make a good reputation for itself in numerous ways, such as awarding a large number of Nobel Prizes or publishing influential research in a wide range of fields. If you are a potential student to a Top 10 university, you can browse through this Top 10 Universities in the World List.